CREATIVITY: a DPchallenge attempt

Mamma, how did that rainbow get into the sky?

White-bright photons from the sun are passing through droplets of rain, and as they pass through the rain, each color is separated from the others. The colors spread out, like a fan, and paint the sky.

Mamma, WHY is the rainbow in the sky? 

Perhaps that is another story altogether…


 Photo credit to Cheri Lucas Rowlands

There was a time, and there will be again, when the edges of the world blended seamlessly from grey to black. No one had the eyes to catch the reddish hue of flowers or the bright-flash yellow of fire. The black of fertile soil was indistinguishable from the ripeness of dark fruit.

A stranger came among the people, offering a taste of pure delight. As the people drank in the sweetness, a sharp pain brought tears to their eyes. Tears cleansed the eyes. Tears changed the eyes. Blinking tears away, each person could suddenly see as never before.

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