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5 Goals for Homeschooling and Socialization

The first, and often only, feedback I receive from adults who find out I am homeschooling my son is:

“But how will your child get socialized?”

My mind instantly conjures up pictures of times like this one pictured:


My actual response is along the lines of:

“Well, you just talked to him, and it is pretty obvious that he has excellent social skills. He learned them by accompanying me nearly wherever I go and by interacting with family and friends.”

As if I’ve missed some vital detail, the baffled and concerned adult I am conversing with points out,

“But children need to learn to interact with their PEER group.”

Although already annoyed, I attempt to proceed civilly and rationally.

“If the goal of child-rearing is to teach your child how to be a successful adult, a child needs to learn how to communicate with all ages. There is no real-life situation in which only 37 year-olds will be allowed to work, eat, and otherwise interact with each other.”

Their pretty much universal response to this?

“But, but, but…. PEER GROUPS!!!”

I really do want to discuss this concept. After my initial defensive and fearful response, I can admit that I honestly do not know the right answer. First, my fears.

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