Marble Math

Math has been a big deal around here lately, mostly because my son is excited about his brand-new Khan Academy account. We are starting at the beginning with 1-digit addition and 1-digit subtraction, but Tenzin was excited about pushing himself and trying some DIVISION. He watched the video that accompanies the basic division section, and then I set him up with some manipulatives. I dub it Marble Math! Here’s the process.

For this math activity, you will need:

  • tons of marbles of uniform(ish) size
  • a small bowl
  • handful of medium-sized rubber bands
  • hundreds chart (if your kiddo still gets lost in counting, like my little guy)

 The first problem given was 40 / 8 = ?

1. His first task was to count out 40 marbles into the bowl. 

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CREATIVITY: a DPchallenge attempt

Mamma, how did that rainbow get into the sky?

White-bright photons from the sun are passing through droplets of rain, and as they pass through the rain, each color is separated from the others. The colors spread out, like a fan, and paint the sky.

Mamma, WHY is the rainbow in the sky? 

Perhaps that is another story altogether…


 Photo credit to Cheri Lucas Rowlands

There was a time, and there will be again, when the edges of the world blended seamlessly from grey to black. No one had the eyes to catch the reddish hue of flowers or the bright-flash yellow of fire. The black of fertile soil was indistinguishable from the ripeness of dark fruit.

A stranger came among the people, offering a taste of pure delight. As the people drank in the sweetness, a sharp pain brought tears to their eyes. Tears cleansed the eyes. Tears changed the eyes. Blinking tears away, each person could suddenly see as never before.

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12 Book Challenge 2014: A Bedtime Storytime New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions are fraught with risk. Each year we list all of our shortcomings and each year we realize our shortcomings from last year have mostly stuck around.

However, this year I am going to take a risk and make a reading resolution: 12 chapter books this year! Tenzin and I love bedtime storytime/naptime storytime. Depending on the book, we shoot for a chapter or two at a time.

As we finish each book, I will publish a post about the book and our activities. Find them all at my 12 Book Challenge 2014 page!


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Hooked on Books: Getting your child to love reading

All humans share a love of STORIES. In all cultures, whether oral or written, these stories transmit values, insights, and information to their audience. It is no secret that reading, and being literate, is integral to a child’s success. Here are a few ways to get your child hooked on reading:


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8 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Child

“All a baby needs is love… and diapers!

Of course, my brother’s wise words aren’t entirely true, but they encapsulate the message of this post: showing your child that she or he is loved, valued, respected and accepted by YOU is the most important part of parenting.

When a child knows these to be unequivocally true, he or she will grow self-worth and confidence. Your child will be resilient. Your child will naturally love her- or himself, and be better capable of giving love to, and receiving love from, others.

No one can be perfect all the time – as I know from personal experience – so just pick one of these to consciously do each day. Even a few minutes of true focus and attention for your child will affirm your love.

Here are 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved:

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