Hooked on Books: Getting your child to love reading

All humans share a love of STORIES. In all cultures, whether oral or written, these stories transmit values, insights, and information to their audience. It is no secret that reading, and being literate, is integral to a child’s success. Here are a few ways to get your child hooked on reading:


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5 Goals for Homeschooling and Socialization

The first, and often only, feedback I receive from adults who find out I am homeschooling my son is:

“But how will your child get socialized?”

My mind instantly conjures up pictures of times like this one pictured:


My actual response is along the lines of:

“Well, you just talked to him, and it is pretty obvious that he has excellent social skills. He learned them by accompanying me nearly wherever I go and by interacting with family and friends.”

As if I’ve missed some vital detail, the baffled and concerned adult I am conversing with points out,

“But children need to learn to interact with their PEER group.”

Although already annoyed, I attempt to proceed civilly and rationally.

“If the goal of child-rearing is to teach your child how to be a successful adult, a child needs to learn how to communicate with all ages. There is no real-life situation in which only 37 year-olds will be allowed to work, eat, and otherwise interact with each other.”

Their pretty much universal response to this?

“But, but, but…. PEER GROUPS!!!”

I really do want to discuss this concept. After my initial defensive and fearful response, I can admit that I honestly do not know the right answer. First, my fears.

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8 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Child

“All a baby needs is love… and diapers!

Of course, my brother’s wise words aren’t entirely true, but they encapsulate the message of this post: showing your child that she or he is loved, valued, respected and accepted by YOU is the most important part of parenting.

When a child knows these to be unequivocally true, he or she will grow self-worth and confidence. Your child will be resilient. Your child will naturally love her- or himself, and be better capable of giving love to, and receiving love from, others.

No one can be perfect all the time – as I know from personal experience – so just pick one of these to consciously do each day. Even a few minutes of true focus and attention for your child will affirm your love.

Here are 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved:

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